Monday, February 25, 2008

Favorite Spaces

247 Garden and 247 Office
Arab Hall at Leighton House
Dixie Square Mall
Bradbury Building Atrium
Dickeyville Grotto
Farnsdale House
Franciscan Monastery Gardens in Northeast DC
Garden Pavilion at Monticello
Garfield Park Conservatory
Geffrye Museum Interiors
Griffith Park Observatory (at night)
Grotto of the Redemption
Hotel Erwin Rooftop
Lawn at UVA
Lincoln Blvd.
LMU Quad
LMU Bluff
Merchant's Bank Lobby
Montauk Club's Second Floor Bar and Dining Room
National Building Museum Atrium
National Farmer's Bank Lobby
National Shrine Grotto of Lourdes in Emmitsburg
Nijiya Market
Powell's Bookstore (Chicago)
Pullman Village
Randy's Donuts
Room 304
Shibuya Crossing
Sir John Soane's Museum Interior
South Side Waterfall
Theme Room
Thomas Carlyle's Back Garden
Venice-of-America Canals
Water Fountain at LMU Library
West Wing of the National Gallery Atrium
Windward Ave.

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