Thursday, April 3, 2008

Crooked Beats Record Store (Washington DC)

This is a pretty lackluster record store in Adams Morgan.


Michael said...

You didn't bother to explain what it is that you find "lackluster" about this store. I've been a regular shopper at this store for years and always find interesting music and the staff is always helpful.

Charles P. Everitt said...

I was trying to be nice. Since you forced the issue, I'll just say that (a) their vinyl selection is minimal and contains only generic used rock records or (some) new reissues, (b) the CD selection is spotty and they don't bother to either carry the full catalogs of non-Sam Goody record labels nor do they bother to restock the harder-to-find CDs in a timely manner, and (c) when I asked the owner about certain CDs and records he would literally MAKE UP LIES about how no one can get them, rather than just admit that he hadn't ordered them.