Friday, February 20, 2009

Taco Heaven!

I had despaired of ever having decent tacos here in NYC, but then my buddy Colin took me into the back of a convenience store in Sunset Park where, hidden behind the rear fridge, there is a small restaurant with the best tacos I've ever had on the East Coast. (Remember, it's the burritos at El Charito Caminante in Arlington and Aqui es Mexico in Charlottesville that are so special.) There are only two tables and one tiny grill, upon which all of the ingredients mingle with each other. I want to go back for dinner! (But I can't, because it's Nat's birthday and we have other plans.) A woman at the table next to us had come all the way from Chinatown for the tacos.

Bonus trivia: a friend of Colin's who owns a bar in SoHo rented the tiny restaurant area in the back for a party and photo shoot.

Address: 780 4th Ave

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