Sunday, November 22, 2009

Staten Island Extravaganza

Organized another tour today, this time of Staten Island. Our soundtrack was classic Wu Tang songs and sample sources. We left from Greenpoint at 10am and made it back to Park Slope by 8pm. Here's what we did:

10:00am: Wheat donuts in Greenpoint.
10:30am: Snug Harbor and Botanical Garden (we mostly focused on the Chinese Scholar's Garden).
Noon: We tried to sneak into the old TB hospital at Seaview but they've installed a guard and he turned us away.
12:30pm: Classic car show at the Great Kills Park (saw a 280Z in awesome condition).
1pm: Lunch at the best pizza place I've been to since moving to NYC, Salvatore's of SoHo.
2:30pm: Finally got to go inside of Fort Tompkins, right beside the bridge, but you only get to go inside Fort Tompkins itself, not the lower fortifications I've always wanted to go inside as well.
5:00pm: Boat Graveyard (getting to this involved walking across a muddy marsh, which was fun).
5:30pm: Mr. Hunter's Grave in Sandy Ground.
6:30pm: Beers and live polka music at Killmeyer's Old Bavarian Inn.

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