Sunday, February 14, 2010

Damone's Special Five Point Plan

Men have died trying to obtain this valuable information.

1. You never let on how much you like a girl.

2. You always call the shots.

3. Act like wherever you are, that's the place to be.

4. When ordering food you find out what she wants and order for the both of you.

5. When it comes down to making out, whenever possible put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV.

1 comment:

Charles P. Everitt said...

In the scene immediately following this, Mark and Stacy are on their first date in his sister's car and Led Zeppelin is blaring in the background, but it's not anything from side two of Zep IV, it's "Kashmir", from Physical Graffiti. I always interpreted this as intentional on the director's part, that is was intended to show how Mark was simply unable to follow Damone's advice. Turns out, however, that the original theatrical release may have had "Stairway to Heaven" playing in the background in this scene but Zep wouldn't license it for video release, so it was replaced with "Kashmir".

Most definitely a subject for further research.