Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Party in the USA

I am officially a big fan of Miley's Party in the USA, though moreso a fan of variants on it, but WTF is up with her saying that the Hollywood sign is on her right as she leaves LAX (or, more accurately, LAWA)? The only points at which you can see the Hollywood sign as you leave LAX are on the 10 (and then only on a clear day). This is a much worse deception than her claims about Jay-Z songs. It's on par with the geographical fantasies of "Collateral" (or, dare I say it, "Ferris Bueller").


Charles P. Everitt said...

I take this back: maybe, just maybe, you can see it from the 405. I'll have to check.

Mkunde said...

"oh she's just being Miley". Obvi.