Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Movie Idea

"Billy Wilder ... spoke often about an idea he had for a movie about the Crusades. It would, he said, open on knights in shining armour as they prepared to ride off to war. There would follow a montage of the crusaders as they kissed their wives farewell and locked them securely into their chastity belts. We would see the knights mount their horses and ride off for the Holy Land. Then, Wilder said, he would cut to a modest little shop on a cobble-stoned lane. A wooden sign would wave gently in the twilight: 'PIERRE COUR LE LION, LOCKSMITH.' We would then move in for our first sight of the village locksmith. It would be Cary Grant."

--from Graham McCann's Cary Grant: A Class Apart (pp. 116-117).

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