Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hot Dog Shack Redux

I re-opened my hot dog shack again this summer. It's been dormant for ten years. Here are the hot dog recipes I made for peeps:

1. El Capitan Crunch: with spicy mustard (from Philippe's), pineapple salsa, and crushed potato chips.

2. The Kim Jong-il: with sweet German mustard, cabbage kimchi, and Sriracha sauce.

3. The Buffalo Dog: Buffalo wings hot sauce, crumbled blue cheese, and chopped celery.

4. The Nutty Professor: Hoisan sauce, peanuts, and steamed spinach.

5. The Currywurst: curry ketchup and curry powder.

6. Mac & Please: mac & cheese, Kraft EZ cheddar, and Sriracha sauce.

7. Chicago Style.

8. Lincoln Log: cream cheese, sauerkraut, and spicy brown mustard.

9. The Hot Chiuaua: black beans, cotija cheese, pico de gayo, and green hot sauce.

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