Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Office Additions

Two new additions to my office:

Top: a TASCAM DAT recorder. Got it free on Craigslist, from a guy who is renovating his post-production facility in Tribeca. There's also a Serato box hiding behind the DAT recorder, that I got used on eBay.

Bottom: a Doug Hansen watercolor from 2005, of the original WAND pressing of "Louie, Louie" being played on a portable Columbia record player. This was a gift from Nat & Melody.


Eliot said...

That watercolor is awesome.

Charles P. Everitt said...

Note to all: please don't point out that the Doug Hansen watercolor should be hung behind the actual record player in my office. I grant that that would be sweet. But (a) I didn't think of it till posting these pictures and (b) then I wouldn't be able to look at it while I face my computer.