Saturday, October 31, 2009

Best of AC & DC Vol. II

Longtime associates are well aware of the deep respect I hold for a bootleg compilation of AC/DC songs that my dad purchased in Indonesia in the mid-80's. A few years ago I made a follow up compilation of songs that were left out of this first, historic, volume. (In emulation of first volume, I did not center my compilation around popular tracks--such as "You Shook Me All Night Long"--instead, I included less well-known tracks that actually stand up better to repeated listening.) But I can't seem to find a copy of my "Best of AC & DC II". And I can't remember what I put on it. So I just made a new version of "Best of AC & DC II". If I'm ever able to find a copy of the earlier version, it will be interesting to compare the two.


Charles P. Everitt said...

I listened to this version on my drive yesterday: the song selection is good but the order needs some work. I'll post a revised version soon.

Charles P. Everitt said...

Other songs that shouldn't be included on a AC/DC best of are "Big Balls" (the novelty wears real thin, real fast) and, dare I say it, "T.N.T."--not because it gets old, but because it's too strong of a song to listen to regularly. It would be like putting "Tumbling Dice" on a Rolling Stones compilation.

Charles P. Everitt said...

Does anyone else find it amusing that I'm the only person leaving comments? When you see "3 Comments" listed below this blog post, for instance, are you inclined to think (as I am) "Oh, what're people saying in response to that post?" It's only when I press on the link that I remember that it was a conversation I was having with myself.

But then I just feel like reviving the conversation. So, here we go!