Sunday, October 4, 2009

Queens Tour

(Photo by Wy-dogg)

18 stops in 10 hours:

1. 5 Pointz
2. NY Art Book Fair (Wyeth knew everyone here)
3. Titanic House (videotaping and still photography are permitted)
4. Scrabble Street (though we couldn't find the sign, we found the street)
5. Taste Good Malaysian Cuisine (you may not be allowed to take pictures of their toilet, but they serve the best food I've had in NYC so far this year)
6. Bohack "B" (this was for Wyeth)
7. Bumped into Kevin Walsh leading a Forgotten-NY tour that was also looking at the Bohack "B"
8. Van der Ende-Onderdonk House
(almost stepped in a horse-sized pile of dog shit, the house was uncharacteristically full of people for a special event, our tour guide was upset that he hadn't gotten to meet the Dutch royal family, and they didn't even mention the house's role in the Apollo space program)
9. Arbitration Rock
(the history of moving this rock led Will to make some Wittgenstein-ish "what happens if standard meter bar shrinks or expands" jokes)
10. Archie Bunker's House (neither Will nor Alex had heard of "All in the Family")
11. Detour to Forest Hills because I mistyped the address for Louis Armstrong's house into Google Maps. But when I then mistakenly got into someone else's car and tried to drive away, everyone thought that was really funny.
12. Loew's Valencia/Tabernacle of Prayer (gonna have to go back to this on a Sunday, in order to see the interior)
13. Louis Armstrong's House
(wish I had recorded our tour guide's impression of Louis)
14. The Panorama at the Queens Museum of Art (still planning to throw a party in the elevator here)
15. Unisphere (took some photos for our liner notes)
16. Joseph Cornell's House (this was for Meg)
17. ToyQube Designer Toys
18. Taiwanese Karaoke Gastropub
(there was some serious sense/reference confusion going on when I re-entered this place from another restaurant around the corner, thinking I was going into a different gastropub; this was especially funny because I had just falsely told the host out front that I thought my friends were in the back, which turned out to be true)

Our soundtrack was a homemade CD of songs by jazz artists who lived in Queens, and then a CD each of Run DMC and the Ramones.

I think it is fair to say that I am in the upper echelons of tour guides.


Powell's North said...

my favorite part was when you got into the wrong car and tried to drive away. and also when i thought for a minute that we should have mirrors in the bathroom like louis armstrong.

Powell's North said...

you are the upperest echelon.